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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Basketball Street Life 1 out of 3 people ghettos willbe imprisoned in their lifetime 1 out of every 30 senior Athletes will play basketball in the NCAA The book "Heaven Is A Playground" by Rick Telander tells how a he goes to the ghettos of brooklyn in the summer of 1974. Life there wasvery different and harsh with violence and drugs everywhere. But evenwith all the distractions around people still come to the park day after day, night after night, in Foster Park basketball never stops. This place has been home to playground legends who have even gone all the way to NBA and to All Star showings. The summer of 1974 was no different with playground legend Fly Williams and NBAAll star Albert King, and park regulars hoping to be something one day, and with basketball players trying to go and get scholorshipsto collages. This aw inspiring great basketball book is a must readfor sport fans by the great author and journalist Rick Telander. Early June Late June Early July Late July Late August Early August Rodney gets a kid named Fly into Austin Peay collagewhere he becomes the NCAALeading scorer A 14 year old Albert Kingcomes to the park and isscouted by many collages Albert is tied up between going to PA to play ball or to stay in New York Rick is asked to coacha young team of parkregulars to play in NY Rodney gets a young playerDanny Odums to a good school called Murry St. Fly even with some troubleissues finally gets into the ABA and Albert goes prolater on in his career. Heaven Is A Playground
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