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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Canadian Charter Of Rights and Freedoms By: Annika Stewart The Canadian charter of rights and freedoms started way back in 1867 around the time of confederation. Nowadays our charter has been updated (the last update being in 1986) and we now have many evolved rights and freedoms as compared to when it started. The charter of rights and freedoms is here to defend our Canadian citizens, as well as give us many awesome, grateful, rights. The charter has evolved through many attempts giving us more options and protecting our collective groups. However there'll never be a final draft of the charter because we are always enabled to make it better. gauruntee of rights and freedomsfundumaental freedomsdemocratic rightsmobility rightslegal rightasequality rightslanguage rightsgeneral rightsenforecement certification These are the rights and freedoms (whats on the charter?) the charter was put in place for all Canadian citizens. if you are in Canada then all but democratic and mobility rights apply to you. The charter has brought peace to our country, and will continue to do so for many years to come The charter started in 1867. The reason for this is that connate Canada was just becoming a country and our citizens demanded rights. So our government put in an established a set of laws and guidelines to help assist our citizens through out the centuries to come. It was created in order for us to be safe and secure and very successful country. The charter was built upon the base of our want to be the best we have ever been, and we keep growing to this day. Whenever one votes, wheres a type of clothes, shows religion practice, or leaves enters or remains in Canada, our rights are being used. we use our rights daily, therefore they should be respected forever more.
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