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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 1982 1960 1947 Charter is created Saskatchewan bill of rights is created The Canadian Constitution is created, but with no bill of rights Bill of rights is adapted 1867 Even if you don't consciously notice the charter it is always there because at this point it is second nature to us. You are always treated equally and you never get randomly searched, so even if you don't realize it the charter is always effecting you. The charter has many sections that all apply to people that are in Canada, however two sections apply to people that hold a Canadian passport. The two rights that only apply to Canadian citizens are the right to vote and the right to leave Canada. That way people from other countries can't come in whenever they want and they also don't have a say in who runs our country. Equality: Every person is treated equallyno matter whatMobility: Citizens are free to leave, stay in or return to CanadaFundamental Freedoms: Everyone is free tobe themselvesDemocratic: Canadian citizens have a say inwho runs their country and can be a part of itLegal: everyone must have a fair trail and if they're having a trial there must be a reasonofficial Languages of Canada: English and French are treated equallyMinority Language Education: Everyone has the right to be taught in either French or EnglishEnforcement: Everyone has the right to go to court and defend their rightsGeneral; Aboriginals' treaties and rights will notbe effected by the charter By Harriet What's Up With The Charter? The charter exists because the bill of rights was an act instead of being set into the constitution. We needed something in writing so that interpretation wouldn't matter. The Charter is an amazing document that ensures that we all are equal and that we can all be ourselves.
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