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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Charter of Rights and Freedoms Guarantee: 1. The rights and freedoms are guaranteed to Canadians, limits can be placed on these if necessary to maintain free and democratic society. 2(a) You have the freedom to choose and practice a religion. Fundamental Freedoms: Melissa, and Dakota 2(b) You have the Freedom of speech. It allows you to express your opinion. 2(c) You have the Freedom to organize or participate in peaceful gatherings. 2(d) You have the Freedom to be apart of what you want. Democratic Rights: 3 In a election for government members, every citizen has the right to vote. 4(1) Limits the time of power for a parliament or legislative assembly. 4(2) If a uprising or war occurs, as long as gonvernment vote isnt opposed by more than a 3rd the gonverment can continue for 5 years. 5 Once every 12 months or so a meeting of parliament and a meeting of each legislative will be held. Mobility Rights 6(1) All citizens are free to move as they please. 6(2) Freedom to move to another province, if a citizen of Canada. 6(3) Canada can give social benifits if you have lived in canada for a specific period of time. 6(4) If employment rate is low, the province of canada can deny entry to other people coming to get jobs. This is not conisidered discrimination. Legal Rights 7. You have rights until you are proven guilty of a crime or offence. 8. Unless a reason is proven government workers cannot search through your personal belongings. 9. You can't get in trouble for no reason. 10.If someone is being arrested, they have the right to know why. You have the right to inform a council with no delay, and to have a lawyer. 11. The right to- no unreasonable delay to know of any offence. (to know right away what you did)- have a trial within reasonable time.-not forced to be a witness to a trial or respected procedure.- innocent until proven guilty.-not denied bail unless a just cause.- allowed to go on trial by jury, when crime could be the maximum result. - can't be accused of a crime if isn't considered a crime by law.- a person can't be tried for the same thing more than once.- if there is a change between the crime commited and time punished was assigned accused gets the lesser punishment. 12. Not to be treated poorly. 13. If you are a witness, you have to tell the truth and anything you say cannot be used against you. 14. you have the right to a translator or interpreter if needed Equality Rights 15(1) Everyone is equal regardless of who they are, under law. 15(2) Recognizes needs for a policy giving disivantaged groups help, for equality. what is your reason for this? Official Languages of Canada 16(1) English and french are equal instatus and are Canada's official languages. 16(2) English and french are equal in status and are official languages of New Brunswick. 16(3) English and french are equal of status and not limited. 16. 1(1) In New Brunswick french and english linguistic communities have equal status, rights and privilages. 16. 1 (2) authority in New Brunswick promote the rights and privileges of english and french language. 17(1) In Canada, everyone has the right to speak french or english in a formal meeting. 17(2) In New Brunswick, everyone has the right to speak french or english in a formal meeting. 18. (1) Any products or writings in Canada are written in both english and french. 18. (2) Any products or Writings in New Brunswick are written in both English and French. 19(1) French or Engilsh can be used in any court or wparliment. 19(2) In New Brunswick, French or Engilsh can be used in any court or parliment. 20. (1) Any citizen of Canada has the right to communicate or receive services from auditory or central office in french or english, this is reasonable any services in french or english. 20. (2) In New Brunswick any member of the public has the right to receive service in either french or English 21. Nothing from sections 16 to 20 takes away any privileges with respect to the french and english languages. 22. Alllows the gonvernment to provide services in languages other than french or english. Minority languages Education Rights. 23. (1) You have the right to a set Education in your give language. 23. (2) If one parent of a child was educated in another language they have the right to that language education. 23. (3) If one child was educated in another language it's siblings are allowed to be educated in the same way. -Public funds are used for minority education Enforcemen t 24(1) If someone feels their right or freedoms are violated they can go to court, the judge can strike down law if proved true. 24(2) Judges should not accept evidence that as obtained in a way that goes against the charter. General 25. Any aboriginal rights or freedoms, which were formed of october 7, 1763 by the royal proclamation and any land claims cannot be taken away. 26. The government, Parliament or legislation can make laws to protect the charters right and freedoms. 27. The charter can be interpreted to promote multiculturalism. 28. Makes sure both men and women are equal under the charter. 29. The charter doesn't affect creation or operation of religious schools. 30. This charter is equal all over Canada's provinces and territories. 31. Nothing within the charter allows increase in authorituys power. Application of Charter 32(1) The charter applies to parliament and government in Canada, and each provincial government. 32(2) Given time to put laws in action. Sections 33(1-5) talk about the fact that any rights can be taken away but there must be a reason why they are being taken away. Citation 34. the charter is the supreme law in Canada and all laws must follow the charter HelloBonjour Equal French and English NO! I only speak English
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