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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Guarantee Fundamental Freedoms Democratic Rights Mobility Rights Legal Rights These rights and freedoms are guaranteed to Canadians and limits can be placed on them if:-it is needed to maintainfreedom and democracy-the limits are reasonable The freedoms you have are:-The freedom to chooseand practice your religion-The freedom to express your opinion, thoughts, and beliefs-The freedom to participate in peaceful meetings-The freedom to be associatedwith others Every citizen has the right to:-Vote in any election-Take part in the government Citizens have the right to:-Travel in and out of Canada-live anywhere in Canada-get a job anywhere in canada-not to be denied by a province they wish to live in-get social benefits ifyou have lived in Canadafor a long period of time Everyone has the rightto:-Know why you arebeing arrested.-To be told your rights-Have a lawyer.-To have your detention based on why you were arrested.-to be realest if yourdetention goes against your rights. If you are charged in aoffence you have the rightto:a. Be informed of yourcharges.b. Be giving a reasonabletime (you wait) for yourtrial.c. Choose to be awitness.d. be considered innocent until proven guilty given a reasonableamount of bail moneyf. Except in a case of military offence. g. to be charged if the offence was against thelaw at the charged once for theoffensei.take the shorter/lessercharge if your charge is changed Equality Rights The charter limits the amount of time one can stay in power Each member of government can only stay in power for five year (if the circumstancesare extreme one can stay in power for longer ) Every 12 months the parliament must meet at least once A province can chooseto refuse you entering the province if unemployment levelsare high You have the right to:-Life liberty and personal security (as long as you don't go against fundamental rights)-security against unreasonable search. Has to be a reason fordetainmentand imprisonment. Everyone has the right to areasonable punishmentEvidence may not be used against a witness unlessthey break oathEveryone has the right toa interrupter Everyone is equal and will not be discriminated against in law Citizens of Canada have the right to equality even if they belong in an minority group or are disabled Official Languagesof Canada English and French are the two official languages of Canada and are considered equaleven in New BrunswickParliament records are to bewritten in both French andEnglishGovernment services must be provided in both official languages ifdemand for communicationis high (also in NewBrunswick)All the following rights also exist in New BrunswickYou have the right to:-use English more then French and vise versa-use either officiallanguage in governmentmeetings-use English or French in courtThese rights cant be takenaway from youOther languages can be offered to youFrench and English speakingcommunities are equalNew Brunswick (government) has a duty toprotect these rights and topromote them Minority LanguagesEducation Rights Your child has the right tolearn in French or Englishif:a.)you have learned and stillspeak and understand a linguistic minority languageb.)if they learn in Englishor French in one province they have the right to continue learning in that language in different province Enforcement General If your rights are beingdenied you can apply forcourtThe judge should not accept any evidence ifthe way it was receivedgoes against the charter The charter cannot take awayor belittle aboriginal treaty'sincluding rights and freedoms:-recognized by the Royal proclamation-that now exist by way of land claimThe charter is not the only source for providing right forindividuals The charter interprets in away that fits for all culturessince Canada is a diverseCountryBoth men and woman are to beprotected equally under the charterNothing in the charter can takeaway the right to choose to be in/a part of a religious school.The charter applies equallyto all of Canada whether it is a territory or province This charter applies:-The parliament-The governmentIt doesn't apply toactions of:-Private individuals-Business-OrganizationsThere was a three yeardelay in section 15 because section 32 had not been put into force.Section 33 (1) to section 33 (5) says that the government has the abilityto take away or make laws'. ApplicationOf Charter The official name forthis is the Charterof Rights and Freedoms Citation! Whereas Canada is founded upon principles that recognize the supremacy of god and the rule of law The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms
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