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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Rights & freedom Of Canadian Charter Guarantee The rights and freedom guaranteed to Canadians and limits can be placed on them only if the limits are needed to maintain freedom and democracy. Fundamental Freedoms 2 a) Freedom to chose own religion b) Freedom of speech c) Freedom to organize in peaceful meetingsd) Freedom to be what you want Democratic Rights 3. Every citizen have rights to in an election and can have a membership if they are qualited. 4. a) No house of common or legislative act continue for longerthan 5 years for the dated fixed forthem to go. b) If there is a war, house of common can be continued by the legislature for a long period at time 5. The parliament and legislative assembly must meet and electmembers Mobility Rights 6. a) Every citizen of Canada has the right to enter, remain, and leave Canadab) Every citizen can live in anyprovince and have any job theywant in Canada. c)Social benefits such as welfareonly for those who have lived inhere for a certain amount of timed) Each province gives reference to local people then those who came here from other places looking for a job. Legal Rights 11 a)12.13.14. Equality Rights 15 a) Everyone has the right to be equal and not be discriminated by your race, nationality, sex, ageb) It helps disavanate groups by specail help so they will be able maintain equallity with others Enforcements Anyone who feels that their rightsand freedom has been violated, has the right to go to court and figure out a solution and the court applies a consequence b) A judge can't accept evidencethat was taken in a way that violatedthe charter. If the evidence wascollected in this way, it shall beexcluded in court Official Langugaes of Canada Minority Languages Education Rights Applications of Charter General Citation 23 a) If one child's mother tongue is french the childhas the right to be learnt in frenchb) The language in which parents were educated c) If one child was educated in french the other child has the right to be educated in fench as well 16 a) Everyone has the right to either speak french orenglish in Canadab) English and french are the two main languages ofNew Brunswick and they are equal in rights and statuses. c)English and french speaking communities of New Brunswick have equal rights and the government of NewBrunswick have to promote their duty and protect them. d) Legislative and government of New Brunswick has tokeep both French and English17 a) Everyone has the right to speak french or english during a meeting or discussion in the parliament in Canada.b) Everyone has the right to speak french or english during a debate in the parliament in New Brunswick 18 a) The status, records and journal has to be written infrench and englishb) The status, records and journal of Legislative of New Brunswick are written in both French and English and are both available.19 a) Either french or english can be used by anyone. b) English or french may be used by anyone in any courtin New brunswick20 a) Anyone in Canada has the right to communicate andreceive services from any office in french or english b) Any public member in New Brunswick has the right tocommunicate and receive services from any office of the Legislative or government in N.B in french or english21. Nothing in section 16-20 takes away a right and advantages and it respects english and french are counted by thegoodness of another rule22. Nothing in section 16-20 takes away any legal rightsand advantages there after or before the charter came in with respect in french and english.
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