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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The Canadian Charter of Rights & Freedoms The Charter applies to everybody in Canada, even those who are visiting. People who are only in the country temporarily however, do not have access to mobility & democratic rights. Fundamental Freedoms (freedoms of thoughts & belief) Democratic Rights(to vote for who you wish to be in parliament)Mobility Rights(to reside where you want & leave when you wish)Legal Rights(to be treated fairly within the justice system)Equality Rights(everyone is treated fairly under the eyes of the law)Official Languages of Canada(the right to use French or English as a language)Minority Language Education Rights(to have your child education in a minority language)Enforcement(you may take legal action if your rights are infringed) In 1960 the Canadian government created theBill of Rights. This bill was not a part of the constitution and was the same as any other law.Since it was a bill, it could be easily changed. In 1982, the Charter became a part of the constitution. The Prime Minister at the timecreated the Charter to give all Canadians the same rights and freedoms. The Charter of Rights & Freedoms is a legal document that contains the rights & freedoms of all Canadians. The Charter can be related to our everyday lives in many ways. It gives us the freedomto be a member of a group, vote for who wewant in government & not be discriminateddue to our ethnicity. Jenny Jarrett 9D
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