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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The Causes of Poverty The Causes of Poverty War: Many countries that are involved in war have their basic services like education and health care disrupted. Crops are also destroyed by the fighting. Companies and banks will not invest in factories if they are likely to be destroyed. Money is also put into weapons rather than infrastructure and industry. The low status of women:In many countries women do not have equal rights and they can not be educated or work. In those countries the vital role which women have to better the country, can not be fulfilled. Debt:Poor countries do not have enough money to support their own (small) developments, so they loan money from the richer countries only to end up in debt and also in a worse situation than they were in, in the first place. Nature: Many Poor areas, such as Kenya and India, Suffer from many natural disasters like drought floods and famine. This means it is hard to grow crops and make a profit, and therefore it is also harder to get medicine, food and other resources. Health and decease:Poor people often do not have access to clean water and sewage disposal, that means they are more likely to suffer from an illness, heath care is needed. over 3 billion people live on less than $2.50 a day 600 million children are living in poverty across the globe The poorest 40% of the world acounts for 5% of the golbal income, where as the richist 20% accounts for around 75% of the worlds income. Every day, over 800 women die from preventable cause such as child birth and pregnancy
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