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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Charley Frank Pride Born: March 18, 1938Birth Place: Sledge Mississippi Childhood Charley Pride was born into a poor family of sharecroppers. As a child he loved to listen sing and play baseball, a neighbor once calledhim mocking bird because he showed little reluctance to singing and playing baseball.He had developed a dreamto be an profesional baseball player. Early LifeCharley and his brother were accepted into the minor leagues. However he was recruited into the army, after serving twoyears in the army. When he returned intobaseball he was not as good, due to the fact that his arm was injured. Famous Years Encouraged by two country singers he started his endeavor onto a being a country music singer. double click to changethis text! Drag a cornerto scale proportionally. Charley Pride after a few successes was asked by Chet Atkins a RCA producer to sign a contract with RCA Famous Years (continued) His first song released at RCA was a hit, and after that he released more and more songs, for the first year at RCA theydid not release pictures of Charley Pride.Due to the Jim Crowsm effect. Jim Crowsm: Was a racial state system that separated the rights of blacks and whites Jim Crowsm wasn't just a set of rigid anti-black laws it was basically a way of life. Charley Pride later left RCA in 1986 due to the fact that RCA began to promote more and more newer country singers and not renewing counteracts with older singers, with that he left RCAand moved on to 16 avenue. Fun Facts 1. 39 of his songs reached the top no.1 on the country music chart. 2. His father originally intended to name him Charl Frank Pride, however due to an clerical error his name came out as Charley Frank Pride. Parents: Mack Steward Pride(father) Tessie Stewart Pride(mother)
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