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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Charles Lindbergh Likes Friends 20 month old son was abducted.Worked as stunt pilot.First to cross Atlantic Alone Information Band-Aids TrafficLights I'm really loving this Jazz, it sure is the bee's knees. Boy,when Louis Armstrong's songs comes on nobody can resist dancing. It really is something special, especially hearing all the culture that there is in these songs I went to go pick up my new Model T today. I heard that they are a lotcheaper and more available because of the new assembly lines so i figured now would be a good time to get one, save a couple clams. Also I think it will be a lot easier on me than riding in a carriage. I can't help but notice all the outrage over prohibition, which is the ban of the making andselling of alcohol. I think alcohol is pointless since everybody has so much to do nowadays. It will only make things worse for them. I went to the Charlie Chaplin movie that was in town today. ItWas really good, and it only costed me a nickel. If it costed a clamI would gladly pay it, that's how good it was. And afterwards we all went out dancing. I hope to do something like that again soon. DukeEllington BessieSmith I love listening to the baseball games that come on the radio. TheyHelp me relax and everybody I know can't help but tune in to the games.The best thing about it is that you don't even have to pay. All you haveto do is go to the radio station. I think that who ever decided that segregation is a good thing is sucha Dumb Dora. Back when I was a stunt pilot I made sure that the blacksand whites both got equal seating or I wouldn't fly. It's just foolishjudging somebody on their skin color. Some people even try to segregatethings like drinking fountains, honestly who cares it's a drinking fountain.
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