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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Charles Darwin's Life 1818 Charles' father enrolled him at ShrewsburySchool. double click to change this header text! February 12, 1809 Charles Robwert Darwin is bornin Shropshire, England. October 26, 1825 His father took him out of Shrewsbury School because of bad grades. 1831 1836 After returning to England, Charles started writing papers on his findings and theories. He began publishing his papers right away. January 1828 1825 Charles is admitted to Christ's college. He takes classes for an ordinary degree, the usual preliminary for theological training (which was never undertaken). Charles registers for medicalcourses at the Universityof Edinburgh. Natural Selection:The process in natureby which organisms that arebetter adapted to their environment tend to live longerand transmit more of their genetic characteristics to succeedinggenerations than do those that arewell adapted. Charles became part of the Beagle Voyage, which included sailing to South America for documentation of the creatures found there 1846 Charles wrote out and published the geological findings he discovered while he was with the Beagle voyage. 1856 The theory of naturalselection is developed.Charles began working on a paper for his theory. 1859 Charles publishes hisbook On The Origin of SpeciesBy Natural Selection. 1864 Charles was presented the Copley medal, the highest scientific award of the Royal Society of London. April 19, 1882 Charles Darwin died and was buried at Westminster Abbey.
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