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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Before After His dedication to help the lower class rise up, improved all aspects of life for the people Connection - Noble class had more access to education- Peasants most commonly were only able to farm.- Older people believed there was no need to learn how to read and write when they were older. Other Contributions: - Set up free education for slaves and poor men. - Saved many literary works from being lost. - Praised work by lower class boys to encourage them to keep studying.- Sold his personal items and donated money to people who needed it Charlemagne's Domestic Policies - Unified currency in Europe to make trade easier and improve the economy- Was able to expand the empire to create the largest area in the Middle Ages- Impacted literature, for example the Song of Roland- United men to form a dependable army to conquer many parts of Europe - Prepared future rulers that would help the empire flourish even after his time. - Set up a law enforcement system by choosing best knights to carry out the law- Began a cultural revival to create unity between the people throughout the empire - feudalism-middle-ages-social-life-feudalism-during-the-middle-ages-50088/- Sources
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