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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Stacy Logan your artboard start from scratch[clears the canvas] Appearance: Stacy is the oldest child in his family, with three younger children to consider. He is twelve years old, and is African American. Weaknesses: He is gullible, because T.J often tricks him. Stacy can also act very mature, but this can be bad, especially if he is too young to be dealing with situations he encounters. This makes him vunereble. Strengths: Intelligent, because heknows when there might be trouble. Kind, because he is protective of his family and offers them his help. Emotions: I think he is depressed, or at least a little stressed with being constantly brought down by T.J. He has a very low self esteem, which is also connected with how he is treated by friends, family, and the majority of white people. Thoughts: He believes that black people are equal to white people, he is just scared to say it out loud often. He thinks he knows everything and that his way is right, but he never asks for help and that often gets him in trouble. Dialogue: He is two faced because he feels like he shouldn't tell the truth to protect his siblings. Actions: He ran to the Wallace store because he wanted revenge on T.J. for cheating. He digs a ditch for the bus to fall in, because he wants the white kids to be punished for the actions they have done against the Logan kids. He doesnt give T.J. answers to the test because he has a strong sense of rules.
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