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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 note: CHARACTERIZATION DIMENSION Character dimension refers to how completelya character is "drawn" by the author in the literarywork. A character's dimension may be determinedby their importance to the story being told. Morecentral and important characters are more likely tobe more fully developed--obviously.One thing worth noting, sometimes it is really effectivefor an author to purposefully omit something essentialabout an important character in order to foster discussionabout the character. STOCK CHARACTER FLAT CHARACTER A flat character (also known as a type, or atwo-dimensional character) is defined by asingle quality without much individualizingdetail. The distinction between flat and roundedcharacters, while useful, should not obscurethe fact that there is a continuum of levelsof character development; many characterswill fall between the two poles, lightlysketched, or even caricatured. A round character is a complex individualincapable of being easily defined. The degreeto which characters are given roundness andindividual complexity depends upon theirfunction in the plot--some only need to be seenat a distance, like strangers or acquaintances,rather than known intimately. Even fully roundedcharacters can often be seen as developmentsof types, like Shakespeare's Falstaff, who derivesin part from the Vice of the medieval moralityplay and in part from the boastful soldier ofRoman comedy. Stock characters are types of character whichhave become conventional in particular genresthrough repeated use.For example, the Greek Old Comedy of Aristophanestypically made use of three stock characters: the alazon(a posturing and self-deceiving boaster); the eiron (theshrewdly self-effacing opponent of the alazon); and thebomolochos (the buffoon). Stock characters in Elizabethandrama include the heroine disguised as a man, the revenger,the knave (a cunning schemer who exploits the folly of others),and the gull (the knave's victim). ROUND CHARACTER
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