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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Past/Future Characterisation: From a writer's point of view Intelligence Strengths and weaknesses Digging Deeper Appearance What does your character look like?What does your character wear? How does the character hold him/herself?Does your character's appearance affect others'opinions of him? How so? How does the character view him/herself? What was your character's upbringing and background?How does this shape your character? Does it affectthe plot?What kind of future does your character desire? Does it help the plot? - What does your character symbolise/represent? - Is your character FLAT (two dimensional)? - Or ROUND (more complex and realistic)?- Does your character fit a STEREOTYPE, or an ARCHETYPE?- Why do you pick certain attributes for you character? - How are you going to present these characteristics? DIRECTLY, or INDIRECTLY? Voice Name Ambition Attitude Is your character intelligent?What 'kind' of smart? What does your character want from life? What motivates your character? Is his/her ambition a driving force of a plot? What is your character good or bad at?What qualities does your character have/lack? e.g. Does your character have HEROIC characteristics, such as martyrdom, courage and intelligence? OR is he an ANTIHERO? Is he a character that lacks heroic characteristics, and seems inferior to the reader? What is your character's outlook on the world? How does your character deal with problems?How do others act around your character? Does your character have a dialect, a stutter, or anything that has to do with their speech? How do all these attributesaffect the plot? Does your character's name sound harsh/soft? What does it mean?Does it have any negative/positive connotations?
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