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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Johnny and Pony ran to the park after Darry hadslapped Pony. Its 2:30 am and here comes the BlueMustang earlier from that night. Looking for a fight, The Socs grabbed Pony and they dunked him in and out of the fountain. Although the Socs did not directlyharm Johnny, they were about to kill a friend who hecared about. It came to be that time when Johnny hadto use the switchblade. Johnny was sick of the waythe Socs treated him, and to treat his friend like thatwas kind of a personal attack on him. Johnny finally snapped, and stabbed Bob.This is an important part in Johnny Developmentbecause he finally took charge of the situation. No longer is he willing to sit on the sidelines. Johnny goes to Dally for help of how to get out of town with Ponyboy. 4 After Johnny killed Bob, he has become his ownperson and is less reliant on the gang as he was before. After much consideration, Johnny has decided to turn himself in. The decision to turn himself is keyin his development. It shows that he has matured and that he is independently thinking. Dally tells him not to turn himself in, but Johnny insists on doing it. This is surprising because Johnny looks up to Dally and sees him as a role modelbecause they have similar family situations. 5 As they were driving to go turn Johnny in, they went to the church and it was on fire. They heard children screaming from inside the church. Despite Dally telling them not to go, Johnny and Pony went to go save them anyway. When Johnny runs into the church, that another key development. Now Johnny is a new person compared to the beginning of the book. Not only is he thinking independently, he is also risking his own life for people he doesn't even know. Johnnys life was cut short, when he died at the hospital after being seriously injured from saving the children. I think that if Johnny had more time on Earth, his character could have developed more into a mature and definitive character. 6
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