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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 T3: Characteristics of ICT users Long Nguyen Users are all different, they will have different age different educational backgrounds, interests - this creates a wide variation in skills when using systems. Experience Ways in which the accessibility of a website or other ICT system can be improved 31% description here description here description here 51% 11% 22% 14% Environment of use description here Physical characteristics At home, on the move (whilst travelling) or at work.The requirements of any ICT system must be taken into account; e.g. the screen on a laptopis generally smaller If a user has special/particular needs to use a computer, it must have the features to aid them, such as if they have trouble reading onscreen words - a clear font and big size is needed.Blind users will require braille keyboards and even have the use of a talking computer. If a user has a physical disability, it will affectthe user's mobility. If a person is unable to use their arms they canuse voice-activated systems to put data into the computer. description here Tasks to be undertaken Easy to navigate - to quickly find the information they requireRegular updates - so they do not relyon wrong informationUse of the correct font; colour, size, background,etc to make text east to readFast load times - so they do not waste times waiting for webpages to load. Age is a big factor when designing systems.You would not design the interface for a piece of multimedia software aimed at children in the same way as for an adult. Age Using a system for the first time, you would use guides, manuals and tutorials to self-teach yourself in usingthe ICT system. To ensure it was everyone can use it easily,it should be made to fit the majority of the general public.This would include:People of all agesAll nationalitiesIn different situationsWith a range of disabilitiesDifferent educatiobnal backgrouyndsDifferent ICT skills
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