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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The Roman Republic Best-known Early Roman Dictator Cincinnatus, the best-known early Roman dictator, helped gather an army, defeat the enemy in short order, and return to Rome in triumph. People describe him as an oppressive ruler withcomplete control over the state and victorious in battle. Many people are inspired by Cincinnatus and thought of him as a good example of doing his duty as a citizen. Inconclusion, Cincinnatus was an important leader, a rolemodel to many people, and helped the Roman Senate. Rome's Government Rome's government had a tripartite which had a group of people who ran the government, another group made laws, and the last group who acted as judges. There were also officials called consuls, who headed the army and ran the government, and praetors, who interpreted the law and acted as judges in court cases. The Senate, Rome's important legislative, could propose laws, hold debates,and approve building programs. This is how Rome's government worked. Rome's First Code of Laws The Twelve Tables was Rome's first code of laws and was made so laws could be put in writing for everyone to see. It prevented the patrician judgesfrom having favoritism in their own class. In the Twelvetables it explains how all free citizens had the right tobe treated equally by the legal system. However, the Tables only applied to Roman citizens. As you can see, the Twelve Tables were important to Roman law.
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