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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The Great Deportation Britain took control of Acadia in 1713 through the Treaty of Utrecht. Britain wanted the Acadians to leave within a year, but most of them stayed. In 1730, Britain required the Acadians to take an oath of neutrality, so that if there was going to be war between France and Britain, the Acadians would have to stay neutral. Whena war seemed likely in 1755, Britain wanted the Acadians to take a new oath of allegiance, to swear loyalty to Britain and fight for Britain. The Acadians refused, so Britain captured and deported Acadians. The Great Deportation happened between 1755 and 1763. When? In 1755, a war was likely between the French and the British. Since Acadia was under the control of Britain, the Acadians would be under control of Britain too. The British did not trust the loyalty of the Acadians, since they have roots in France and have the same religion, customs, and language as the French. Also, at that time, the Acadian population outnumbered the British population two to one. The Acadians had 12 000 people and the British only had 6 000. Britain was afraid that the Acadians would not help them, but will fight against them for France. That is why at first Britain wanted the Acadians to stay neutral. Now that a war was coming, Britain needed more men to fight for them in order to defeat France. Britain required the Acadians to pledge their loyalty to Britain and take the Oath of Allegiance. Since the Acadians refused to do that because they would be fighting against their own blood, Britain deported them out of Acadia so that there would be no chance of them fighting against Britain. Why? Options Their options would be to support and fight for Britain or France (pledge loyalty to either country) or stay neutral. Another option would be to move out of Acadia and live somewhere else. They could also rebel against both countries and fight to become independent. The Acadians chose to be neutral and not help either France or Britain.
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