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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Chapt er5 Cabri Chapt er5 Fallacies of Emotional Arguments 1. Scare Tactics Getting people to believe your ideas by scaring them. 2. Either-Or-Choices Reducing complicated issues to just two options. 3. Slippery Slope Portrays today's tiny missteps as tomorrow's slide into disaster. 4. Overly Sentimental Appeals Use tender emotions excessively to distract readers from fact. 5. Bandwagon Appeals Urge people to follow the path everyone else is taking. Fallacies of Ethical Argument 1. Appeals to False Authority Introduce authorities through direct quotations or citations. 2. Dogmatism Assert or assume that a particular position is the only one that is conceivably acceptable. 3. Ad Hominem Arguments Attack the character of a person rather than the claims he or she makes. 4. Stacking the Deck Showing only one side of the story. Fallacies of Logical Arguments 1. Hasty Generalization Inference drawn from insufficient evidence. 2. Faulty Causality One event or action follows another. 3. Begging the Question The claim is made on ground that can not be accepted as true. 5. Equivocation Half truths or arguments that give lies an honest appearance. lies an honest appearance 6. Non Sequitur Argument whose claims, reasons, or warrants don't connect logically. or warrants don't connect logically. 7. Straw Man Fallacy attack an argument that isn't really there. 8. Red Herring Changes the subject abruptly to throw the reader or listener off trail. listener off trail. 9. Faulty Analogy Inaccurate or inconsequential comparisons between objects or concepts. comparisons between objects or concepts. concepts. The end.
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