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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Religious views:During the Renaissance many people believed and still believe that the roman catholic church is the only belief you should follow, but because of Humanism ( believe in individual belief), protestants and others who taught there different beliefs to other people the change of religion happened, (Example: Martin Luther) Exploration:The 1500's also known as the age of exploration\discovery people began to trade more with other countries ton gather more exotic goods from the edges of the empire ( Example:Asia, The Mediterranean)by doing this they came across new sailing technologyand different types of land forms and Geography. They learned about other society's and found new trading routes as well, ( people who left to trade would come back with new ideas and information).Knowledge and Geographgy:Also during the age of Discovery different places such as Greek, Islamic and Roman empires wanted to spread out to protect there land and gain more control over other places they ended up discovering new places with different history and ideas, even though they thought of themselves as superior they were impressed with the new ideas and knowledge. The text book and Google images HOW DID THE WESTERN WORLDVIEW GROW OUT OF THE RENAISSANCE: Danya G. 1600's Trading:Trade was happening before the Renaissance but the new types of trades were changing the way of life for people, introducing new animals, plants ,diseases, etc.They also received new materials good for making new tools to better there life such as canoes and snow shoes, just for fun they made chewing gum. Resources: In the college behind it shows how ideas have developed and changed for example we still use boats to transport good but we have better ships we also used knowlege that has developed to take people to the moon.
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