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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Making connections Vocabulary Fluency Word Study Reading For Understand Conventions Of English Writing with Purpose What I learn was that living in the 19 century it was some hard work to pay and hard working because we had to many things to do example:clean out the horse. The six new vocabulary words are solemnly,dingy,hesitate,motion,appalling entice.With these new words I can create sentences with these words.What I know that I'm learning is that I'm learning new vocab during this processes in gateways. What I practiced was my fluency when I'm reading during class.With these passages that I read I have more expressions when I read the words. I will learn to spell new high-frequency words.I also will learn to use the words with oi,oy,ou,ow. What I will be also doing is complete my spelling test to assess my ability to spell the chapter words What I'm doing next is reviewing my understanding of nouns,pronouns,and present tense verbs.The other reason I'm studying this topic its by writing declarative sentences by using the conventions learned in this chapter. -About writing with purpose I will review the stages of the writing process.-The second thing is that I will editing my narrative for the word choice,adjectives,punctuation,and spelling. What I learn in this topic is that we know how to add adjectives and punctuation and spelling in our sentences and paragraphs. -I will review is reading strategy of predicting.I'll review the reading skill of predicting for character,setting,plot,narrator and,problem/solution-What I learn is that I need to show how the character describes him self in the story,The setting is where the story took place,The plot is the main things that happen in the story,The narrator is the one who told the story if it was 1st person or 3rd person.The problem and solution is what happen in the story and the solution is who solved or how it was solve.
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