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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Isaac Newton Living through the Civil War,with his premature white hair, Isaac Newton is considered thefounding father of science. *Invented Calculus*Alchemist*World would end in 2060 Newton's 1st Law An object in motion stays in motion ...unless acted on by an outside force Newton's 2nd Law F=ma Chapter 12Shae Harwood Newton's 3rd Law FM A For every action, there is an equaland opposite reaction. Weight Measure of the gravitationalforce exerted on an object. Mass X free fall acceleration w=mg Universal Law of Gravity The size of the gravitational force between two objects. Gravitational force increases as mass increases. Gravitational force decreases as distance increases. force pair Projectile Motion Curved path that an object followswhen projected near the surface ofEarth. Free fall acceleration is when the only force of gravity is acting on a body. When an object is projected, there isn't any horizontal forcesacting on it. When an objectis projected, gravity pulls itdownward, whichgives it verticalmotion. Momentum p=mvkilogram x meter/second Impulse=force x time Conservation of Momentum is a law stating momentum of a closed system remains constant throughtime. Elastic collision Inelastic collision Tides and Moon Phases Spring Tides: occurs during full and new moonNeap Tides: occurs during quarter moons.
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