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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 PRO Optional items Siliconized Acrylic Caulk, 2-3 tubes 1-2 cans of Great Stuff gap filler for under 1-inch gaps 4chan /diy/ extermination guide $3 each @ Wall-Mart Particle mask Demon WP (powdered Cypermethrin)4 packets (1 packet covers 1000 sq feet) $2-3 each @ ACE Hardware Chapin 20000 Garden Sprayer $10-12 @ K-MART $15-25 @ Amazon Eaton's Boric Acid Powder $9-10 @ Amazon $4 @ ACE Hardware Destroy German Cockroaches Roach Bait (Invict Gold or MaxForce) "Roach Motel" (may trap stray roaches,low effectiveness but good for peace of mind) Dishwashing gloves (prevent skin contact with poison) Disclaimer: This is not a guide for 'home remedies' against roaches. Thisguide will show you how to completely eliminate German cockroaches fromyour apartment. German cockroaches are extremely resilient, and breed andmature within weeks. Exterminating them requires a full-spectrum approach.This guide will show you how to do what your exterminator does, as well aswhat he won't do, for far less than the cost of a professional.If you do not have dedication and a deep hatred for roaches, stop reading andpack your bags, because you don't have what it takes to conquer them. Step 5: Relax None of these steps alone work. Do it all. Roaches can survive weeks without food, but onlya few days without water. NO STANDING WATER. Roaches can survive on anything. Hair, crumbs, dead skin, garbage, anything.You need to make sure your apartment is clean as a whistle, and I mean CLEAN.- If you have carpet, vacuum that shit every week.- Clean all dishes, never leave them overnight. Dry them off, put them away(not important if you have a dishwasher)- Take out the trash regularly, make sure it's securely tied.- Clean your cooktop, countertop, etc.- Clean inside your oven- Dry wet surfaces, such as the inside of your sink after you wash dishes. Step 1: Clean as fuck, and keep it that way Step 4: Poison those fuckers Professional extermination costs are usually hundreds of dollars for German Cockroaches.The items on this list cost about 50, and include enough product for a the equivalent ofmany repeated treatments. Don't stress about poisoning yourself. Demon WP is a residue poison,and won't get in your lungs. Just don't spray on surfaces where you prepare food or touch very often. Step 2: Buy extermination products This is the hard part, but it is not impossible. The idea is to seal off any point of entry into your apartment from the walls. Roaches can fit intoextremely small spaces. Use caulk to seal narrow gaps, use gap filler to seal big gaps (you can caulk over it to make it look better.WAIT FOR GAP FILLER TO CURE FIRST. Just sealing my apartment, I reduced my roach problem by 90%. If this isn't working,you've missed an entry point.In my apartment, I had floors that did not meet the wall trim. All of these needed to be caulked, across the entire apartment. The pipingfor my baseboard heaters ran through the floor, which needed gap filler. In the kitchen, there was plastic baseboard trim which was hidinga large gap to the wall. I stripped it off, filled it with gap filler. Very common entry points are places where pipes go into the wall; under thesink, behind the toilet, under the bathroom sink. Surround these holes with gap filler. Examine all edges, make sure nothing can enter.Tighten electrical outlet covers, make sure there aren't enter-able gaps (don't over tighten, or you will crack the plastic).The laws of physics apply to roaches as well - if you seal off everything, you will have far, far fewer roaches.They cannot phase through matter.This process took me an entire weekend. I did not find all entry points at first. Don't get lazy and skip something, even if you don't thinkthey are coming in through there, caulk it anyway. German Cockroaches do not have mandibles, they cannot eat through caulk. What you need guide by zork!!3I7PerCNkpY Step 3: Close off entry points. Make sure you have completed the previous steps. If you clean after you poison, you will wash away your progress. First, apply the cypermethrin.One packet of Demon WP is good for 1000 sq. feet. I have a one bedroom apartment, and half a packet was more than enough solution. 1 packetmixes with 1 gallon of water in your garden sprayer. Spray along all 12 edges of every room. Spray under baseboard heaters. Spray behind and underkitchen appliances, stove, refrigerator, etc. Spray under cabinet edges, under and over cabinets. DO NOT SPRAY INSIDE OUTLETS, you can shortthe outlet. Spray in drawer wells. Take out and spray the underside of all drawers. Spray around doors into the apartment, and along wall edgesoutside, down the hall. Spray inside closets. The spray will leave a whitish residue. Do not spray where you intend to bait, as this will ruin the bait.Cypermethrin is a highly effective poison. However, it will not destroy all your roaches by itself. Use bait where you think the roaches are entering.Bait lasts about 3 months. Take strips of masking tape, place them on a surface, and squeeze a line about half an inch long onto the tape. The tapewill allow you to remove the bait, which can stain a surface. Roaches will eat the bait, and become incredibly stupid and lethargic, and eventually die. Baby roaches will eat the poisoned shit of the big ones, and die. If you've had an exterminator come before, buy Invict Gold. The PCO probably usedMaxforce, and therefore the roaches probably are resistant to it. If not buy Maxforce. Bait is a paste which comes in a plastic syringe.Finally, it's time to use the Boric Acid. This is a powder, and not a poison. It gets on roaches, slices them up, and makes them eventually leak outtill they die. They cannot become resistant to it, and it will last until you decide to sweep it up (never). Dust that shit under your refrigerator, stove,anywhere where a roach might hide. Put a liberal amount under your sink area, especially if you have a trash can there. That way, they will not go inyour trash. You can even mix it with water, and mop your floor with it.
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