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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 You know you were a "liuxuesheng" in Changchun when... The city of eternal spring, the eye of the rooster, the capital of Jilin province...we could list nicknames for the city all afternoon, but 'Changchun' brings much more to mind than just its various monikers. It's the place some of us have spent the most formative years of our lives. We came here to study and ended up making it our second home. Whether you're a Jida guy, a Dongshi gal, or a Ligong-er, you'll probably recognize yourself in the items below. After all, you know you were a "liuxuesheng" in Changchun when...1. You've walked on (frozen) water2. Minus 12 degrees Celcius is a warm day3. You've experienced or heard about winter '094. Basically winter5. You can say "Hello" in Russian, Swahili, Arabic, Korean, Turkish, Japanese, Vietnamese, Spanish, and a handful of other languages6. Your English improves faster than your Chinese in the long-run7. You can recite Changchun facts (e.g. Changchun has a population of 8 million people; Changchun is known as "car city"; Dongbei specialties include guobaorou, disanxian, basidigua, etc.)8. You can have an hour-long conversation about the hot water situation at each dorm9. Mayflower10. Water Man!11. You know what 干杯吃饭大学 (ganbei chifan daxue) means12. You've choked on "June snow"13. You still tell stories about the one time your team won the city football and/or basketball championshipB
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