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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Closing the Achievement Gaps. Increasing Achievement and Closing Achievement Gaps Context, Context, Context research based and be attentive to surroundings We know that these youngsters come into kindergarten with only half of the vocabulary of their white, middle-class counterparts. Cheer them on, group work, be attentive to progress Culturally Responsive Environments. movement, choral response, collaboration, Community materials,privately talk about inappropriate behavior,firm/ fair and loving,praise group effort, Turnaround Teachers Build Resilience caring and supportive,future beyond here and now,high expectations,actively engage students, Power of Early Childhood Intervention Kids who attend score better All Kids benefit Power of PD to widen glasses Teachers need to be supported with time, mentoring, and coaching in professional learning communities until the changes become institutionalized.. Perhaps it is time that we explore a twelve-month contract for educators, with paid vacations and paid time for professional development, as is often seen in the business sector. Leaders Engaging Parent and Community we must find ways to join with community resources to provide for the needs of children. Nutrition, health both mental and physical spiritual nurturing, guidance, and support are necessary if we are to lift children out of poverty to become effective and successful members of society. The days of its not my job are over. Teacher Prep They have been taught to teach in an education system that promotes an individualist value system designed for white, middle-class students. Given the demographic changes occurring in our society, those are often not the students in their classrooms. . Creating a Blueprint and Delievering on it- NO EXCUSES Every state is charged with the responsibility to provide access to a high-quality educational experience for every student. There can be no excuses. Our quality of life, our economic growth, and our viability as a diverse, pluralist, and democratic society depend on it. It is within our reach if we have the will to act on it. Partnerships between districts and teacher prep programs
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