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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Facing the problem 1 peoples in Uganda are poor and they have to work hard as they can do for their family2 if student are going school and they don't have money to pay for school they have tostop going school and they have to work for their families.3 in there many of student have to left their school because of they didn't have money tobuy school supplies. Uganda people starting new life 1} starting new life for Uganda woman it is not easy first they star with small businessto help their children get better education.2} many woman start business to getting loan of little amount of money to start theirbusiness many of women sell foods, vegetable, or thing that people might buys quick.. getting help from other and helping... 1) in Africa many women start with little job or business and they earn lots of money with littlebusiness and they are saving a money to give other woman for loan who wants to start micro-enterprise.2) lots of people or family are poor so they start with micro-enterprise so earn money so they could helpother and get help from other when they heeded it.3) many part of Uganda woman are devolving by getting help from other women, and when they earnmoney they collected all money in other so they could give loan to other woman who to loan. And in this Uganda market is an amazing place to visit and this market name is kalerwe market. by Anju Tamang Uganda women life
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