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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Cold War: Superpower face off 17.1 Yalta Conference The United States, Britain and the Soviet union all met in Yalta they decided to divide Germany into zones of occupation. Cold war The Soviet Union and the United States struggled over politician differences carried on by military actions United nations An international peacekeeping organization that held over 48 different countries General assembly Security council This is an11 member body with five permanent members who have veto power Truman doctrine A doctor not President Truman came up with to help those countries in need that are anti-Communist. Containment another foreign policy adopted by Truman that stopped the expansion of communism This was a group in which each UN member could vote on an issue in there country or in a different country. Iron curtain The Iron Curtain represented Europe's division into a mostly democratic Western Europe and a communist Eastern Europe NATO North Atlantic Treaty organization Marshall Plan A plan that will help European nations rebuild their country, the US will supply money and Materials to them. Brinkmanship this is the verge on going to war, or holding that threat against your enemy. tap and hold to changethis text! 17.2 Communists take power in China Mao Zedong He is the leader of the Communist Party in China Jiang Jieshi The leader of the Nationalist party in China Communes Large collective farms that mayo thought was a good idea for his first five-year plan called the "great leap forward" Red Guards He urged China's youth to "learn revolution by making revolution" because he believed that China's new economic policies weekend the communist school of social equality this lead met millions of high school and college students to leave their classrooms and form this army. Cultural Revolution goal was to establish a society of peasants and workers in which all were equal 17.3 Wars in Korea and Vietnam 38th Parallel A line that crosses Korea at 38° North latitude Douglas MacArthur was fired for trying to go over the presidents head and go straight to comgress. Ho Chi Minh Turned to the communists for help in his struggle. Ruled north Vietnam by crushing all opposition. Domino Theory president Eisenhower believed that one fall of the communist party would lead to the downfall of the other communist countries.
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