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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Cesar Chavez:Influencing MigrantFarm Workers Beliefs: Cesar Chavez believed that migrant workers didn't have fair rights. He wanted to raise the pay, improve the equipment, and end the racism on the farms. He believed that the only way to do this was to do it peacefully. Early Life: Cesar Chavez was exposed to racism at an early time in his life. When he was at school, he was beaten if he spoke in Spanish instead of English. He saw signs around town as well that said insulting things toward Hispanics. This made him angry, but he didn't do anything about it yet. Influential People: Cesar Chavez was influenced by many people over the course of his life. He met Father Donald McDonnell, and that gave him inspiration. McDonnell sparked an interest in strikes and non violent protests for Cesar. The people at his school influenced him in a different way. The teachers and some of the students were very racist to Chavez. This made him angry, and at that age he didn't do anything about it. The society around Cesar influenced him because they tried to tell him that his goal would never be reached, so that made him really want to prove them wrong. Making a Difference: Cesar did a lot to make a difference. One of his many accomplishments was founding the United Farm Workers Association. This was an organization that actively and peacefully protested against racism and for better conditions, equipment, and pay for the migrant farm workers. Throughout his life, Cesar Chavez organized a lot of boycotts and strikes, and he also fasted three times. Although he was jailed multiple times for his efforts, Cesar Chavez never gave up. He believed that he could make a difference, and boy, was he right! Cesar has influenced the lives of workers everywhere. Migrant farm workers have much better conditions now that he has done what he did. He is now deeply mourned, admired and respected. STOP PESTICIDE USETHEY POISONFARMERS FASTING= PERSEVERANCE,SACRIFICE, ANDFAITH GO UNITEDFARMWORKERS! Boycott with us!NO MORE TABLEGRAPES!! Why the Fast?: You might be wondering why Cesar Chavez chose to fast three different times in his life. During this period of time, he would drink only water and he wouldn't eat anything. I know this seems like an odd thing to do, especially for the length he did it for. The first time Chavez fasted was in 1968, and it lasted for 25 days. The second time he fasted, Cesar drank water for 24 days straight in 1972. In 1988, Cesar completed his final and longest fast, which lasted for 36 days. Chavez did this to prove that you can do things withoutusing violence. His fasting was a display of his willingness to sacrifice, his faith in the cause, and hisnever ending perseverance. Fasting was an act meant to show others that non-violence is an option andhe wanted to inspire others. How did he get Involved?: Cesar Chavez became involved in migrant farming right after graduating from eighth grade. His father having been in an accident, so Cesar's mother became the only parent in the family who was ableto work. Cesar didn't want his mother working in the fields, so instead of attending high school, Chavez became a migrant farm worker. He soon noticed the issues present with the work, so he began to want to make a difference.In this way, Chavez began to realize the need for protest.
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