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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Ceremonius: Sample 12-month Timeline Days 1-3 Guests take the poll Couple gets engaged Creation of Initial Poll Couples create their preliminary survey which will allow guests to vote on a myriad of wedding details. These polls can be created manually or by importing links from wedding sites such as, Pinterest, or Days 31-40 Couple purchases Ceremonius app! Couples populate a guest list by simply sending invites through the app via phone contacts, email contacts, or Facebook. Invited guests then receive a link to download the application for free, and enter a discrete code. Guest List Creation Guests EnterApp Guests downloading the application are prompted to create an avatar. They enter their contact information, including mailing address, eliminating the need for couples to painstakingly track down addresses in the future. They can also upload pictures, list their connection to the couple and add a"relationship status." Guests answer questions posed by the couple, about wedding preferences. For most guests, this is the extent of their required participation Couple sets a date Microevents RSVPs: Couples can publicize event details on the app as they evolve, eliminating the need for paper save-the-dates. When details are finalized, they can send out the blast RSVP notification. As guests respond, the guest list actively updates. Couples can host "mini events," allowing loved ones in disparate corners of the world to stillparticipate in decision-making via new customized polls Seating Arrangements A unique tool automatically generates tables based on guest information. Couples can save their own templates, too, and then print the finalized versions. The seating templates automatically update with guests RSVP status. Couples can publish seating charts beforehand, allowing guests to peruse the crowd and connect before the Big Day. Couples can open up messagingbetween guests, allowing for coordination prior to the ceremony When couples download the application, they can choose from selected color scheme and font templates. They can upload information, photos, and, if desired, an "about us" section. The Wedding Day --At the event, guests will see their votes in action--Couples can send blast messages to wedding guests about last-minute changes, which guests will receive as a notification on their app --Guests can upload songs to the playlist in real time--Guests can upload photos onto the appso that all wedding photos are aggregated in one place Days 4-7 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 Months 2 - 10 Normal wedding planning starts Months 10 - 12
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