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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Center for the Study of Crime and Justice Local focus, global impact Collaborative Research Continuing Education and Professional Training Service Initiatives Service initiatives may range from collaborative community-oriented events to assistance for individuals in need of resourcesrelated to crime and justice including criminal justice professionals,crime victims, individuals engaged in the reentry processand/or community members interested in crime and justice issues. Continuing education programming has included seminars by leading scholars in psychology, the law, and other disciplinesbringing the latest in research and practice to the community. Professional education has included running ExecutiveLeadership sessions during the summer and programming designed to bring academics and practitioners together. The Center for the Study of Crime and Justice recognizes that crime and its prevention, response,and reparation are community concerns. We address those concerns through the integration of perspectives,strategies, and approaches based on evidence-based practices and collaborative engagement.Our collaborative approach brings together researchers, academics, law enforcement personnel,judges, psychologists, sociologists, and others involved in the study of crime and the administrationof justice. In addition to research and training, we conduct public events, engage in service initiatives,and serve as a referral resource for individuals affected by crime. Recent collaborative research projects have included working with local police departments, public housing authorities,and citizen groups in order to better understand local problems and develop tailored solutions. Our research strives tobe student-centered, offering opportunities for both undergraduate and graduate students to gain real-world researchexperience.
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