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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Naufal Muhamed Zavier Examples of Totalitarian Countries Effects Censorship of in Totalitarian Countries What is Censorship? The Process of Censorship Some of these countries which are influencedby communist reign have a series of propaganda indifferent form which does not speak the truth or heavilybiased. Some television media is also censored by changing the information or keeping it a secret. For example, Chairman Mao usedpropaganda that is of one perspective took gain trust and control. ("," Jan 7th 2013) ("," Jan 7th 2013) Reasons and Causes Majority of the censorship revolves around the internet. Some of these totalitarian countries have either limited access or no access to internet. Filters are put in place on search engine whichblocks the search or the domain. China and Iran are the most notable censored country by internet asChina's internet censorship has been dubbed "Great Firewall of China". Statistics of Iranian Internet Censorship ("Sampsonia Way," Jan 7th 2014) The statistics above presents the articles that are blocked in wikipedia in Iran.The most heavily censored as you can see is Civil and Political, Religious and HumanRights. These articles are banned in order to keep the country oblivious so the government can present information in their respective of favour. Another reason why censorship is put on place is to hide the truth of thesetotalitarian leaders. They hide the negative image so the citizen would trust and bemore reliant on them. ("Buzzle," Jan 7th 2014) ("CPJ,"Jan 7th 2013) Iran Vietnam North Korea China Cuba Censorship comes in many forms. Radio, Internet, news paperor any other type of media had been censored. Censorship is a restriction to certain information due to explicit content or are censored by the governmentto prevent the public of knowing the truth. ("Courses," Jan 7th 2014)
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