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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 how willing and eager my contacts were to speak with me and provide feedback. Cengage Learning Campus Project by Pietro Aguiluz | 626.393.3540 Tidewater Community College- Virginia Beach Campus Division of Information Technology and Business School website:- School location- Department location and hours- Faculty and staff information- Bookstore location and hours - Parking Q u e s t i o n s- What type of representatives do youlike working with? R e l a t i o n s h i p s - Department Bookstore:After deciding on what materials to use, the department then contacts the bookstore and asks them to place an order with the publisher. How often are you in touch with your representative(s)? Do you use mainly print or digitalresources in your classes? speaking with the instructors and learning about how they teach their classes. Q u e s t i o n s ? - Publisher Instructor:The publisher works with the instructor and provides learning solutions for his/her students. pleasantly A c t i o n p l a n based on my experience: To meet and introduce myself to all of my contacts in-person. To email each person my direct contact information. That each contact is kept up to date on when new editions of books are released. That I work with each contact's deadlines. In my first weeks/months at Cengage I will make sure... What types of representatives do you like working with? ? ? Varies depending on the time of year, usually a few times per semester. - Department secretary- IT Faculty- Accounting Faculty - Dean- Textbook manager That I have a thorough knowledge of Cengage products. Visit and follow up regularly- 83% Are knowledgeable about their products- 66% Are reachable- 66% Are interested in their needs- 33% Keep them up to date- 100% A d d i t i o n a l Info ____% said they like reps who.... ? Both - One professor told me how much she liked herrepresentative, but disliked the product thatwas sold to her. The product was CengageKeyboarding Pro. Her main complaint was that startup time was very slow.- Most of the professors I spoke with had at least some apprehension about using completely digital products. pleasantly ? ? Print Digital Both I e n j o y e d I w a s s u r p r i s e d a t C o n t a c t s P l a n n i n g
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