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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Cell Respiration Inquiry Lab By: Alex, Julie, Stephanie, and Jassandre AND ARE GREAT TO LOOK AT PLAIN FULL Question: Does the change in temperature affect the rate of cellular respiration ? Hypothesis: We hypothesize that using the hot water will increase the rate of cellular respiration Independent Variable: TimeDependent Variable: Rate of cellular respiration Our control was the roomtemperature water. Experimental Procedure:Materials:Germinating peas, red beads, hot and room temp. water, 2 pieces of blank paper, thermometer, 4 beakers, syringe, Alcohol(KOH), absorbent and non absorbent cotton balls,6 respirometers, heat source, 2 water trays, and timer Steps:1. Heat up water in beakers for about 20 minutes2. Pour hot water into one trayand room temp,water into other tray and placed the sheets of paper in each tray. 3. Fill all 6 of the test tubes with h2oup to 25ml. 2 of them have just the germinatingseeds alone. 2 of them have germinating seedsand red beds up until 35ml and 2 of them have just the red seeds up to 35ml. 4. Pour out all the water and seeds and read beads onto a piece of napkin. 5. Put an absorbent cotton ball at the bottom of eachrespirometer. 6. Using an applicator soak it with KOH, making sure it does not touch the sides. 7. Adding a non absorbent cottonball on top of each KOH absorbent cotton ball.8. pouring the set of seeds and beads into a respirometer. 9. Making sure that they are tightly closedso that water cannot enter them.10. We then places the respirometers in the trayhaving their ends on the edge of the tray.11. We took our data using a timer for 20 minutes,counting down by 5s.12. We recorded the temperature of the respirometers after each 5 minutes. Analysis:In the experimental graph there is a trend, it is a hill that goes straight up and than straight down.In the control group Respirometer 2 is more constant than Respirometer 1 & 3. The control group has more change than the experimental group. Conclusion:The hypothesis was wrong because the cell respiration rate decreased over time. In the experimental group the rate of cell respiration rapidly goes decreases as soon as it hits the maximum rate. This means the rate of cell respiration was faster compared to the control group.
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