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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Cells play a important role in our bodies. Nerve cells, muscle cells, bone cells and more all specialize in a job that help our bodies function. Nerve cells or neurons send signals or impulses around the body, they are what let your body feel seething Red blood cells are flexible disks with dents in the center. They kind of look like inter tubes. Red blood cells carry oxygen to all the cells in the body and help the body heal. Specialized Cells Red blood cells Cells at work NerveCell when you touch something. Nerve cells send signals from your body to your brain and back. The dendrites of a nerve cell grab the signal, which goes down the axon and delivers the signal to another cell. Skin Cell Skin cells are organized in layers, this helps them do their job. The cells on the top layer are flat and flake off, this makes up the dust around your home. This is helpful because if a invader lands on the top layer, the invader will just fall off when the skin celldoes. This helps skin do it's job, to protect internal organs and structures and keep invaders out. Here are some cells in your body Muscle Cells There are three types of muscle cells in our bodies. Muscle cells are stretchy and this helps them do their job, which is to expand and contract to allow movement in your body. Kind of like a rubber band By:Mallory Minet Specialized Cells
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