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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 1590 *resources Cell Theory History Timeline 1590-1855 1855 1839 Hans and Zacharias Janssen Robert Hooke Anton Van Leeuwenhoek 1838 Matthias Schielden Theodor Schwann Rudolph Virchow 1665 1683 Zacharias and Hanz Janssen provided evidence for cell theory. They invented the first microscope to help look at objects that were smaller than the human eye can observe. Simple telescopes were the closest thing to telescopes back before they invented the microscope. Their microscope paved the way for future microscopes. Though their microscope only reached 10x, this invention helped create microscopes today that reach 1000x zoom. Robert Hooke contributed to cell theory by writing a book "Micrography". In this book, Hooke talked about what he had observed using a microscope. He discovered that things were made up of cells and they appeared to look like cells so that is where the name came from. People had to look through microscopes that were cheap and hard to use so Robert Hooke made his own using 2000£. He showed scientists that cells were what everything living was made up of and was able to pave the way to modern biology with his discovery of cells. Anton Van Leeuwenhoek was a scientist who contributed to cell being the first person to observe bacteria or as he calls animalcules. He used a microscope that he had improved. With this microscope, he observed bacteria in his teeth and many other things such as blood vessels and microfibers. He had discovered bacteria and that led to the study of eukaryotics. Along with Theodor Schwann and Rudolph Virchow, Matthias Schielden had co-founded cell theory. Specifically, he had discovered that all plants were made up of cells. Because of his profession in botany, he was able to understand these plants better than his partners. He had published a source called phytogenisis and used a microscope to discover these cells inside of the plants. He helped discover that all living organisms need cells to live. Working with Matthais Schielden, Theodor Schwann was a co-founder of cell theory. He had found that all living animals on Earth were composed of cells. He was a master microscopist and examined the tissue of animals. He used many different microscopes. His discover was the base of all cell theory today. Without his contributions, cell theory would only be a legend. Rudolph Virchow was a German scientists most known for his contributions for cell theory. He had explained that all living organisms were made up of cells. He also discovered that all cells were formed by pre-existing cells. Virchow used a microscope that he made to discover these cells in both plants and animals. Without his research (and his fellow scientist Robert Remak)' scientists today would not know that cells were all created by pre-existing cells and that everything living is made up of cells.
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