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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Celebration of God's World Prayers of the Faithful and Litany of Saints Scripture Readings an Homily Prayer of Exorcism and Anointing before Baptism - One or two of the following gospel passages are read:John 3:1-6, Matthew 28:18-20,Mark 1:9-11, or Mark 10:13-16. - After the gospel reading(s) the priest gives a short homily about the impimortance of these readings. -After the homily is over there is usually at time of silence to pray. - The prayer of the faithful is when we ask the Lord to take care of and give them new life in their baptism and to renew the grace our baptism in everyone of us. - The Litany of Saints is when we askthe following people to pray for us:Holy Mary, Mother of God, Saint John the Baptist, Saint Joseph, Saint Peter and Saint Paul, and all the holy men and women - The prayer of exorcism is when we ask God to protect the person being baptized from evil and to bring them into God's kingdom of light and to set us free from original sin - The anointing before baptism we ask God for his grace and through the waters of the great flood, the Red Sea, and the Jordan river that he will set us free through baptism. We also ask God to send the Holy Spirit to the water of the font and to cleanse the person from sin in their new life.
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