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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Minimum Investment Maximum Impact Cooking with Mama When: Lupang Arenda, Rizal September 6, 2015 Cooking with Mama is a sustainable livelihood education program that is part of the Celadon REACH initiative of the organization to help build the nation one step at a time. What: Where: Objectives/Goals: REACH Success Indicators: 1. To accommodate at least 10 mothers from Lupang Arenda2. To establish smooth connection with the community 3. To have sufficient volunteers4. To provide an effective Chinese delicacy cooking program where they can cook and sell their goods.5. To thank and maintain communication with the community6. To get a positive feedback from the head of the community Pre-event During Post-event Q and A Yes, all the success indicators were reached by the project. We were able to accommodate 12 mothers (including the community head) in the area, have enough people to help and fit into the limited space available, and have a good evaluative response from the mothers. 1.Were the goals, objectives and success indicators reached? If yes, how? If now, why? 2.What makes your project stand out among others of its kind? 3. How were the resources (human, financial, etc.) effectively utilized? This project doesnt just look at the one time impact to the community, but rather, sustainable impact through cultural awareness. As opposed to other projects, this project was really done using necessary social analysis tools to see the limit, needs, and capabilities of the community 4.What were the challenges that came up during the project? How were these addressed? Utensils (P5000)Jeep (P2350) ealize the importance of service & responsibilitynvironment and Socio-cultural Involvement sustainable livelihood for the community ultural Awarenessealthy living The challenge in the area was its limited space, however, this was properly addressed by proper spacing of the tables and chairs to accommodate all the volunteers and participants. Other details: Length of Preparation: 1 monthNumber of workforce: 12 people Every single person has a specific task to do, the volunteers were properly briefed by the teacher beforehand. As for the financial resources, we allocated P15,000 for this outreach and used P13,850 Breakdown as follows: Ingredient (P2000)Teacher (P2500)Food and Water (P2000)
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