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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 World war I started on, July 28th 1914 , Causes Of the War double click to change this header text! Background Information to the war Europe Effectively avoided the war for 100 years until World War 1. The peace was a balance of power between there leading nations, it relied on even distribution of military and the economic might. Tensions Rising 1900s things began to damage the power balance, such as Russias defeat with japan and its recovering from a revolution,so they ended up building up a stronger military force. In 1908 Austria-Hungary angered Russia and Serbia by annexing the Balkan territory of Bosnia Herzegovina. Serbia wanted control of the area because many Serbs lived there. Balkan Wars in 1912 and 1913 created even more tension in the region. Our Path to War OVER 1,000 casualties with 128 of those deaths beingAmerican, the sinking of the Lusitania caused many people to turn againstthe Germans, This is the LUSITANIA an American vessel sailing to the allies caringresources for them,That was sunk by German torpedoes. After the sinking of the LUSITANIAthe british claimed the germans had launched TWO torpeodos at them, the germans denied thisand said the second explosion wascaused by ammunition or fuel on theship. During the WARthere were theTRIPLE ENTENTEEand theTRIPLE ALLIANCE.ONE major issue withthe alliance systemwas that the smallestattack on an allied country couldcause an all out war Over the course of the war about 9 million troops and more than 6 million civilians werekilled.
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