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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Wilmot Proviso The Compro miseof 1850 Popular Sovereign tyand the Kansas-Ne braskaAct Bleeding Kansas Missouri compro mise David Wilmot of introduced a proposal in Congress. Called the Wilmot proviso, it stated that slavery should be prohibited in any lands that might be acquired from Mexico. Charles Sumner was giving a speech about anti-slav eryin the senate and Preston Brooks attacked Charles with a cane. Dread Scott Case 1. California enters the Union as a free state. 2. The Mexican lands will be divided into two territories - New Mexico and Utah. Popular sovereignty will decide whether they will be slave or free. 3. Land that was claimed by Texas and New Mexico would become part of New Mexico. Texas was given $10 million for this land. 4. There would be the abolitionof the slave trade in Washington D.C. **Remember that Washington D.C. is the center of the slave trade in the U.S. 5. The Fugitive Slave Law would be enforced; in other words, runaway slaves would Haverhill to be returned to their masters. Charles Sumner and Preston Brooks Bleeding Kansas was over the time period of 1855-1861. Bleeding Kansas was when a bunch of slavery supporters attached the antislavery capitols he destroyed almost everything there. Beginning of the Republican Party The effect of Lincoln's election was that 7 southern states seceded. They felt that when Lincon was elected, the south no longer had a voice in the government. Effect of Lincons election of 1860 John Brown Raid's on Harper Ferry The Popular Sovereignty aloud settlers of a territory to decide weather slavey would be aloud with in a new states boarders. The Kansas Nebraska Act was a bill that mandated the popular sovereignty. 1)Maine was admitted at a free state. 2) Missouri was admitted as a slave state.3) Slavery was no longer permitted in Louisiana above the 36 30 line Causes of the Civil War The beginning of the Republican Party was started because there was ono party that supported anti-slavery. He made a landmark decision by the U.S Supreme Court in which the court held that a "negro", whose who's ancestors were imported. John Browns raid on Harper's ferry was an effort by white abolishes the John Brown to initiate an armed slave revolt in 1859 by taking over a United States Arsenal at Harper's ferry in Virginia. Amanda Scott 4/27/16Period 1
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