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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Causes of The American Revolution The Boston Massacre The Boston Tea Party The British Soldiers and The Colonists were involved in the Boston Massacre. A massacre is a group of people that cannot defend themselves. The Boston Massacre happened of the streets of Boston on the night of March 5, 1770. The Boston Massacre happened because anger was built between the British and the Colonists because the British tried to tax the Colonists to raise funds for defending the colonies. Soon many colonists rebelled and the war grew bigger. King George III and Parliament made a law that the Colonists could only by tea from the East Indian Company. So, the Sons of Liberty dressed up as Mohawks on the night of December 16, in the late year of 1773 and sailed into the Boston harbor with 342 chests of tea and dumped every single chest of tea off the side of the boat to show that they weren't going to pay those remarkable taxes. King George III and Parliament were furious! So, they made three laws for the Colonists to pay back for what they have done. The three laws that Parliament and King George III had made for the colonists were: If you were a British soldier that had been removed from Boston after the Boston Massacre, you were now sent back. Colonists were also required to feed and house the soldiers. The Stamp Act The colony Massachusetts was controlled by the leader Thomas Gage. The port of Boston was closed. No ships could be sailed until the Colonists had paid for the tea that they had destroyed. Other colonies had sent goods to help the colonists pay these new laws. These laws became known as the Intolerable acts. From this event, many people became injured or killed. King George III, Parliament, the British, and the Colonists were the main people involved in the Stamp Act. The Stamp Act was an act that King George III and Parliament made because the Colonists made it harder for the British to tax the Colonists because they were rebelling. This act was was made in March in the year of 1765. The Stamp Act was a stamp that proved that you had paid the taxes. You needed that on every item that you bought from the British or else you would have to pay a pretty big price. The British tried to tax the Colonists so that the British could raise money when defending the colonies. That is what started this war.
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