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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Causes Growth of Slave Trade Out of Africa Black Slavery and Slave Trade Spanish Empire1500s-1600s Spanish Empire1500s-1600s Portuguese EmpireEarly to Late 1400s General Europe1450-1600 -Prince Henry SponsoredVoyages-Portuguese expand into islands in Atlantic Ocean-Settles Madeira-Set up trading posts alongAfrican Coast-Economy based on:Sugar, Slaves, Gold -Bartholomeu Dias reached southern tip of Africa-Vasco de Gama sailed around Cape of Good Hope -New World needed workerssince native population wasdestroyed, blacks were put intoplace; they were cheap andplentiful-Males taken to be traded, mostwomen left behind to breed-Guns commonly traded for slaves -Population IncreasesRapidly-Trade IncentivesDue to IncreaseIn Wealth-Sailing Ships Made-Mobile Friendly Field Artillery Perfected Ethan Amar Course of the Age of Discovery 1450-1700s All Water Route1488-1498 -Christopher Columbus allowed to sail-Gama & Magellan prove Columbusreached New Continent-Cortez and Pizzaro conquer Aztecs & Incas-Mexico and Peru become centers of SpanishEmpire -Crusading tradition brought intothe New World; rewards offered-Encomienda & Estancia grantsfrom crown needed in New World-Native Population shrankdrastically (20M > 2M)-Europeans spread diseases toNatives-Crown took control of nativesand revoked encomiendas -Black slaves sufferedmore thannatives-Blacks captured and transported toslave markets-Massive slave traffic-Victims captured by raidersand sent to prisons for them-11M-12M exported toNew World -Trips from Africa were brutal. 13%-30% fatality rate.-Slaves greased with palm oil toimprove appearance and presentednaked to buyers-Standard workload: 10-11/hours/day The Age of Discovery was primarily caused by religiousand economic reasons. The whole time period startedas an opportunity to expand and see new land. As itwent on, it was slowly realized that a profit could bemade. Slave trade, brutality, and war inevitably followed.The events of the Age of Discovery were caused by human nature; greed (pursuit of riches).
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