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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The Boston MassareThe Boston Massacre was poapoganda. Paul Revere the silversmith made the picture. The picture show peaceful people getting shot. The soilder were being defended by John Adam. Only two out of the 8 of the soilder were lightly punished. This picture waLibby Riddless made for the British to look bad. So this lie was for to convince the colonists to go to war. The Stamp ActThe Stamp act is for the British to make money for defending the colonies. The British was looking for more taxation sources. The parliament approved the tax in 1765. The stamp act was anything to paper, legal documents, even playing cards were all tax. Boston Tea Party Colonist in Boston started to boycott tea because of the tea act. The BritishWould bring tea ships or merchant ships in Boston harbor. They would live the tea in the harbor until they pay the tax. People in the colonies call the son of liberty we're people against the British. They were againstthe tea tax. So the son of liberty dress up as Indeansand board the ships park in Boston. They throw the tea boxes on the ship in to the harbor. Cause of The Revolutionary War Taxes The Townshed ActThe townshed Act would tax many manufactured good like some of the other taxes, but the Townshed Act would tax, lead, paint, paper, and tea. King George started to tax the colonist because of the French and Indian war. When colonist came to America they had many tariffs because the king start to revenue the colonist. The colonist were mad at the British for being tax without representation. Many of the population of the colonist started allies to protest because they were being tax without Represention. They wanted the colonist to wanted to have there own government. (preserve). Bibliography . Social Studies United States History
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