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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 It has Destroyed us all - Sadness or hopelessness.- Irritability, anger or hostility.- Tearfulness or frequents crying.- Withdrawal from friends & family.- Lost of interest in activities. - Change in eating & sleeping habits. -restlessness and agitation.- Feelingness of worthlessness and guiilt.- Lack of energy or enthusiasm. - difficulty concentrating.- thoughts of death or suicide. symptoms of depression. what does depresion affect? - Problems at school.- Running away.- Drug and alcohol abuse. - Low self esteem. - Internet addiction. - Reckless behavior. - Violence.- Eating disorder.- Self injury. Types of depression Symptoms: - hallucinations - delusions - paranoia Can get anti depressent and anti psychotic drugs to treat it. double click to change this title text! persistent depressive disorder Symptoms:- Change in apetite. - Sleeping too much or took little. - Lack of energy.- Low self esteem.- Trouble concentrating.- Feeling hopeless. Psychotic depression Atypical depression Symptoms: -Increased apetite.-Sleeping more than usual. -Feeling of heaviness in your arm and legs. -Over sensitive to criticism. Catherinne valencia Preventing depression Moderate depression:- Referral to a health care profesional - Psychotherapy - Counseling Severe depression:- Adding and anti depression- Combining an SSRI and talk therapy- Suicide precautions
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