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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Catherine the Great Queen of Russia Revising the CriminalCourt System Humility One of Catherine's mostprevalent leadershipqualities was humility.She was always kind andmodest towards her servants.At her dinner parties andsocial gatherings, sheallowed her guests to speakfreely and without fear. Catherine revised the set oflaws relegated to criminals. Allpeople were given equal protection of the law. In addition, the emphasison harsh punishment was decreased while prevention of such crimes became more important. The Decree on Serfs Unfortunately, while Catherine washumble, she did not have thecooperation of the people. The Decreeon Serfs lost her the support of thepeople. It greatly restricted the freedomand liberty of most of the population. Bureaucrats Nobles Military Serfs Priests 8% 2% 4% 82% 4% Catherine the Great lived during the 18th century,and was influenced by the ideals of the Enlightenment.During this time, serfdom was common in Russia, andcriminals were punished harshly. The population wasalso very divided; there was a great polarization betweensocial classes. Final Result: 5th Catherine was decisive, had a vision, courageous, and humble.However, she lacked integrity and could not plan strategically. Also, she sometimes had trouble gaining the support of her people. It is highly speculated that she had her husband murdered in order togain power for herself, and then lied about it. Also, when she issued the Decree on Serfs, she lost the support of the people. AlthoughCatherine was a great leader, she pales greatly in comparison to Bolivar, Napoleon, Queen Victoria, and King Louis XIV.
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