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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 A New Vision Decisive double click to change this title text! Vote for Catherine! Catherine the great was a very decisive ruler. She decided not to think like everyone else. She adopted enlightened ideals and questioned what they church double click to changethis text! Drag a cornerto scale proportionally. Catherine the great had a vision to expand Russia. By the end of her reign she had done just that. Able to Motivate and Mobilize She was a very motivating ruler and created an enlightened revolution. She adopted enlightened ideas and started a new area.People began to question what the church had been telling them. I think Catherine the Great was very courageous when she questioned the church and their beliefs. For a very long time people followed what they were told by the church. She acted courageously and thought about what the church told everyone and brought in enlightened ideals. This could have been a disaster and people would have been against her non conventional beliefs. Courage Able to Strategically Plan Catherine the great was very skilled in strategically planning. Due to her success in expanding the size of Russia. She invaded Turkey and Crimea to increase Russias land. Why you should vote for Catherine As you can see Catherine shows traits of a great leader.Like a leader should she has her own opinion.This is demonstrated in her enlightened beliefs.Catherine also expanded the size of Russia.Remember Catherine on election day! The Election This 2016 election has been a hard run, and though the votes are close, there can only be one lead. This year the candidate with the most votes at the moment is Queen Victoria.With her decisiveness, vision, cooperation with the people, courage, and ability to motivate. She excels in planning for the future using these skills, and with be able to make our country a better place.
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