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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Catching fireBy Suzane Collinsaction adventure novel THEME The theme of Catching Fire is survival.Its everywhere in the novel, notjust with katniss and Peeta, but with Gale, Haymitchand everyone else who is not the capital. The citizensof the districts are barely scraping by with what the capital gives them and its up to them to do somethingabout it, to make a change. To do something else besides just surviving. double click to change this title text! Main Character Plot-Line Katniss is a very strongindependent woman whodoes not always agree witheveryone else She does not really have a job except for caring for heryounger sister and mother.Her biggest role is keeping herself alive.Katniss is very lean and toned, she doesntdress very feminen, and wears her hair in a ponytail. Her main conflict in the novel istrying to keep peeta alive even though he wants to protect her. 1. Katniss is threatened by pres. snow2. A rebellion is rising in the districts3.Katniss and Peeta are forced back into the games.4. Katniss realizes some other players want to keep Peeta alive.5. Peeta is captured by the capital. I gave Catching fire fivestars because it alwayskept you engagedand wanting to readmore, lots of actionand originality, very descriptive A.R QuestionWhat did Plutarch Heavensbeeshow Katniss when they weredancing?a. A weapon that could kill her right thereb. A picture of his kidsc. A pocket watch with a hidden mocking jayd. A map of the arena for the games.
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