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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Epsilons have the least amount of intelligence in societyand thus are at the bottom of the social order. They barelycan communicate by speaking, they can not read. The jobsof the Epsilon is a menial job that requires almost nointelligence at all. Epsilon jobs include sewage workers,lift men, and porters. Epsilons are also called morons becauseof their low intelligence. Epsilons show their position by wearingblack. Epsilons Alphas Deltas Betas Gammas are mass produced using theBokanovsky Process, so they are twins and not individuals like the Alphas andBetas. They also have lower intelligencethen Alphas and Betas. Examples of theirjobs would be a pilot or a butler. Theywear green to show their position. Alphas are the most privelged in society as they are thehighest class of citizens, as they are the most intelligent,they control the rest of society, and they are given themost freedom. Alphas wear grey to show their position. Betas are below Alphas, but still maintianan adequate amount of intelligence. Theirjobs require some thinking for examplesuch as a mechanic and a nurse. Beataswear Mulberry to show their position. Deltas have the second lowest amount of intelligence and like the Gammas are mass produced through the BokanovskyProcess. They perform many manual laborjobs such as a construction worker or afactory worker. Deltas wear khakis toshow their position. Brave Roles in the book New World Gammas They're is a group of people who are not part of thesociety that the World Controllers have set up. Theyare savages and ones who thought "too" much so theywere put on an island so not to harm the stability ofthe world. One particular thing that sets savages apartfrom "civilized" people is they believe a couple shouldstay faithful to each other have children. Others
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