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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Transmission/Causes What is it? Occurrence Uremia Cassidy Reddout, pd. 1&7 Clinical Manifestation Treatments Cure and Prevention The blood urea nitrogen level,which is indicative of the levelof nitrogen waste products, is higherthan normal Confusion, loss of conciousness, low urine productiondry mouth, fatigue, weakness,paleskin, bleeding problems, tachycardiaedema, excessive thirst, anemia,nausea/vomiting, uremic frost, melanosis Failure of the kidneys to filter theNWP properly will lead to higherthat normal levels of NWP in theblood stream Renal Replacement Therapy (hemodialysis,peritoneal dialysis, renal transplant)Renal transplant is usually the most successful option as it normally results in alonger life span and better quality of life Can be caused by:Decreased blood flowthrough kidneys (heart problems,shock, dehydration ect.) Increased urea production by the liverRenal failure or diseaseUrinary flow obstruction Some medications can be takento lessen the effects, such as anemia. The diet should be altered usually to some sort of low proteinprogram. If any kidney problems arise,care should be taken early as to preventthem from developing into uremia. Careshould also be taken to avoid renal toxicities such as aristolochic acid. There are approximately 2.1cases per 100,000 people in theU.S. per year, with the highest occurence in children from 6 months to 4 years old.The mortality rate is approximately 5-15%
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