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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Buy your own ATM machine! Does your market need a 'cash cow'?! Earn money (with little effort) for the market - or for another worthy cause you want to support. Instead of a private company or bank collecting user fees, by operating your own ATM, you get to collect these fees! Makes market shopping more convenient for your customers What can owning an ATM do for your market? They don't have to worry about running out of cash - or make an extra stop at the bank on the way to the market. Vendors benefit, too, when customers can easily access their bank accounts at the market In 2014, the Greenbelt Farmers' Market Network began a two-year market ATM Pilot Project with two farmers' markets. They were each provided with advice on how to buy and set up an ATM, financial support with start-up costs, and help estimating how much use the ATM would likely get (and therefore how much moneyit would be likely to raise.)Now we're looking for two more markets (ideally mid-sized) to participate, with the same support being offered. Consider using this opportunity to add a new service (and money-maker!) to your market! How it works: Participate in our pilot project! - Your market invests in a machine, which includes a maintenance contract with the sales company- You fill up the ATM every market day with cash and when a person uses the machine, the amount of $ they withdraw gets automatically deposited in your account- Also, the customer is charged a user fee each time they use the machine, and this amount is also deposited in your account- On average, markets profit $6 for every 100 visitors to the market
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